YouTube channel ”EDUSAT SCERT NAGALAND” created.

A YouTube channel ‘EDUSAT SCERT NAGALAND’ was created  by Team EDUSAT IE & ICT Cell, SCERT Nagaland.

The following videos are uploaded so far.

Introduction to Tele Education focusing on Special Education by Director of SCERT Nagaland, Mr T. Sekhose. Followed by Dr Simpson Yuvan on Introduction to Intellectual Disability (Part 1 of 8 Parts).

-Dr. Simpson Yuvan, CISHR Dimapur (Special Educator)

Stages in teaching Intellectually Disabled Children: Part 2.

Adaptive Behavior Intervention: Part 3.

Intervention on mal adaptive behavior: Part 4.

Psycho-Social Intervention: Part 5.

Vocational Intervention: Part 6.

Communication Intervention: Part 7.

Family Based Intervention: Part 8.

Basic lesson plan in math for Specific Learning Disability by Dr. Umesh    Kumar Sharma. NERIE, NCERT.

Importance of Educational Psychology by Mr. Yevito Sema, Director,  SCERT, Nagaland Kohima.

-Miss Veronica Nriame. (Psychiatric Social Worker).

Importance of children’s mental health: Part 1

Boosting children’s mental health: Part 2.

Promoting children’s mental health during covid pandemic: Part 3.

-Miss Ketousenuo Phewhuo. (Clinical psychologist).

Clinical Psychologist perspective on child’s mental health: Part 1.

Common emotional and behavioral problems in children: Part 2.

-Kopele V. Tepa.

Specific Learning disabilities: Part 1.

Environmental Factors: Part 2.

Inability to stay focused: Part 3.

Understanding Dyslexic Children: Part 4.

-Henwasin Sweety Lorin.

Importance of early intervention and identification on speech and hearing in children: part 1.

Hearing Disorder: Part 2.

Basic activities to help children with speech and hearing problem.

-Mr. Rukuse Sakhrie.

Introduction to music therapy.

Basic pointers in music therapy: Part 1.

Basic pointers in music therapy: Part 2.

Tips and techniques for music therapy session: part 1.

Tips and techniques for music therapy session: part 2.

Music for learning and teaching multi sensory techniques.

Christina Walling, Principal, Deaf Biblical Ministry, Dimapur.

Introduction on Naga American sign Language: Part 1.

Introduction on Indian Sign Language: Part 2.

Alphabets in Naga American sign Language: Part 3.

Numbers in Naga American sign Language: Part 4.

Common terms, words and verbs in Naga American sign Language: Part 5.

Common conversational Words in Naga American Sign Language: Part 6.

Common Adjectives in Naga American Sign Language: Part 7.

Common Indian & American Sign Language: Part 8.

Some of the commonly used Naga American Sign Language by Amongla Walling, Administrator of Deaf Biblical Ministry (DBM), Dimapur.


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