Pilot Project on CPD Module and Diary for School Heads


One of the main focuses of NEP 2020 is providing continuous opportunities for self improvement and to learn the latest innovations and advances in their professions. Every Educator will be offered platforms in multiple modes so that they may share ideas and best practices through Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

The State Leadership Academy (SLA) under SIEMAT-SCERT has developed a Module and Diary on Continuous Professional Development for School Heads. A pilot project on the CPD Module and Diary has been initiated for 24 School Heads of Kohima District for the academic year 2022-2023. In this connection, the SLA has conducted 18 Days School Leadership Development Programme through blended mode from 26th July to 13th August 2022 to facilitate 20 hours training and innovative practice in the school as given in the Module.