Nagaland Heritage Studies YouTube Channel

The Nagaland Heritage based films are based on the fact that “our culture is our identity”. The Department of SCERT Nagaland has started work on this project in order to collect our stories and preserve them. The short films are based on customs, practices, values and different aspects of Naga culture taken from the school subject- Nagaland Heritage Studies, based solely on the rich cultural heritage of the Nagas. An inclusive approach has been adopted in developing these films wherein the content broadly includes literature and information from all the Naga tribes. These films are meant to educate students to learn, appreciate and preserve our Naga Heritage. These films also aim to encourage Naga students to know their roots and be proud of their cultural identity and heritage in a world where they are exposed to many different cultures. These films are also meant to enrich the curriculum in schools and to encourage learning through different mediums.

YouTube Channel Name: SCERT Nagaland Heritage Films.

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SCERT Nagaland Heritage Films YouTube Channel